Friday, April 2, 2010

First Android Application

My first Android Application is ready. I have developed an application which automatically enables the Speaker Phone when making or answering a call.

At the heart of the application is a service which monitors the state of the phone. When the phone is off-hook the Speaker is enabled and then disabled when hung up.

Enabling and disabling the service is performed via a Home Screen AppWidget. This part was the most difficult to develop and I'm still not sure I have implemented this correctly. When I have time I will post the AppWidget code here for comments.

When starting the application itself it simply displays details about the application, instructions and a link to here.

In future updates I'd like to make the button into animated images like the HTC Sense Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons. I would also like to make it available to be enabled/disabled for other developers to use in their applications.

I have set up a discussion area on Google Groups so please any problems/feedback there and I will attempt to deal with them. The link is given below. Please remember this is my first Android app and its free!

Lost Droids Google Group

I've tested on a HTC Hero (Android 1.5) and used the 1.5 and 2.1 Emulators. I currently have one known issue which occurs if two or more Widget as are applied to the desktop. In this case only one of the Widget is updated, I will address this soon.

It can be download from:


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